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Photography is a work of passion and experience, but you too can learn the basics of photography plus some very special professional tips in an easy, practical, and intuitive way with my books!

Smartphone Airbnb Photography Guide eBook

Do you own or manage a short-term rental property? Do you work with touristic rentals or home-sharing? Or maybe you have a bed and breakfast or small hotel and would love to step-up your game, crush your competitors, and increase your bookings and revenue?

This book is for you!

My name is Vick Fichtner, and I`m an architect and professional photographer. I`ve worked with Airbnb for ten years, where I`ve helped style and photographed over 3.000 properties worldwide. In this book, a practical, step-by-step illustrated guide, I`ll show you how to prepare your space (including amazing and easy home-decor tips), how to style it for the shooting and how to photograph it applying professional techniques using with your smartphone only! I`ll also teach you how to use your smartphone best, mastering all its features so you can take amazing photos for your listings!

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