Hello, I`m Vick !

My name is Vick Fichtner, and I`m an architect, professional photographer, and travel blogger. 

I always loved photography, and I got my first camera (a Minnie Mouse one) when I was just 8 years old. 

I graduated in Architecture and Interior Design and spent eight years working in the area, but I wasn`t fulfilled. It was when I traveled to  Barcelona in 2009 to study a master`s degree in photography that I really started to really pursue my passion.

I feel in love with the city, and decided not to go back to my home country, Brazil, and stay in Spain. That was over ten years ago... 

Now I work as a freelance professional photographer specialized in architectural and travel photography. I`ve worked with companies like Airbnb, EatWith, and produced content for travel webpages, magazines, books, and blogs. 

I have a  blog where I write about travel and photography, Guiri Insider, and I also own an exclusive experiences company called Experience Barcelona where I curate and offer only the most incredible and authentic experiences in the city and its surroundings. 

If you wanna contact me for quotes or collaborations, you can write to me at hello@vickfphotos.com or connect through social media!